Welcome to the Vernon Ski Club!  We welcome new and returning members to our family oriented club where the focus is on developing strong technical skiers with a lifelong passion for skiing.  Silver Star Mountain is our playground and they are an amazing supporter of our club, always ready to provide well prepared training runs. 
New for the club this year!  We have reorganized our programs to better reflect sport development and provide options at all levels and ages which is similar to other organized sports.  The programs are organized into age groups. For all age groups we offer “all mountain” (AM) free skiing programs and “race training programs (RP) so your kids get exposed to both and can choose their passion. If coaches find that kids are skiing above their “developmental ability” then we make sure we get them into the right program for their ability.

Our club hosts many events and look forward to having you participate in this with us.  Lots of fun ways you can help; whatever amount of time you do or do not have!  There are many seasoned parents keen to show you the ropes.  We will let you know how you can get involved!

We are very proud of our club cabin ~ our home on the mountain.  It is so wonderful to be able to drive up on a snowy morning, park a few feet from the doorstep of the cabin, unload gear and get ready for the day in the warmth of the cabin and friendly faces.  Then we’ll see you again for lunch and at the end of the day to share your skiing stories.  The cabin is such a luxury on the hill and we welcome you to take full advantage of it.  We have plans to put in some ski/equipment lockers which families could rent for the season.  Please contact our club president later in the fall for these details.