Malindi Elmore – Marathon Running – Athletics Canada National Team

Malindi Elmore started off 2020 with an amazing feat: she broke the Canadian women’s marathon record, looked to be a shoe-in for a Tokyo 2020 Olympic spot, and then the pandemic hit. According to husband, Graham Hood: “She's got a passion for the sport that she's engaged in as a runner and also as a coach. It’s hard to instill. It’s something that I think has always been with her and she always comes back to running, even when she took some time away.” Malindi kept running – and has kept training over the past year – but has also taken on a new role as cross country coach at UBC Okanagan. “I think there have been some highs and some lows this year for Malindi.

The challenges that COVID brought about resulted in some setbacks. Malindi had to overcome those challenges and now as a coach as an athlete she leads not only by example, but also is just a phenomenal motivator for the children and young adults she coaches. She loves to be involved and helping people reach their goals, but at the same time she's out there chasing her own goals which demonstrates leadership, and just a special person in terms of how she can balance both.”

For all she has accomplished and overcome in 2020 – as both an athlete and a coach in a new role – we recognize Malindi Elmore as a Community Sport Hero.