By: Brad Duquette

The Okanagan Sport Leadership Conference is a one-day Sport Conference, hosted by PacificSport Okanagan, designed for coaches, sport administrators and practitioners to provide sport education opportunities and hands-on training experiences.

The conference also hosts a sport tradeshow that includes local organizations and businesses that brought together a team of sport experts to offer interactive seminars on a variety of relevant topics.

Spanning 14 years now, the annual conference has successfully featured experts such as Dr. Dean Kriellars (Canadian Sport for Life), Ryan Walters (former NHL player), Allison McNeill (former coach women’s national basketball team) and has delivered on a variety of topics relating to sport performance and sport development. This year, the conference was held Saturday, October 15 at the Parkinson Activity Centre in Kelowna and featured outstanding presentations and active workshops by:

  • Dr. Stephen Norris (Developing CS4L Communities),
  • Dr. Shaunna Taylor (A Sport Parent’s Guide, Sport Psych 101),
  • Chris Collins (Strength Session/Gym Orientation 101),
  • Vanessa Milot (Utilizing Joga for Rehabilitation), Presenter's Notes
  • Lise Dallien MacMillan (Myofacial Techniques and Tools), Presenter's Notes
  • Kurt Innes (Performance Sport Map for Parents),
  • Okanagan Elite Athlete Panel feat: Tristan Smyth, Brittney Page, Trevor Stirling 

PacificSport Okanagan Executive Director, Shaunna Taylor, was impressed with the quality presenters and participants at this year’s conference: “I had the opportunity to reconnect with the amazing coaches, administrators and exhibitors who attend this conference year after year, as well as networking and having meaningful discussions with college and university students who are just entering the sector. It was exciting to facilitate sport leadership in a cross-sectoral panel (sport system, school district, health authority, City of Kelowna), in order to address some of the ways we can work together to strengthen our sport and physical activity community in the Okanagan. As always, staff did an amazing job creating a quality event, and thank you to the capable and enthusiastic volunteers who came through to make it a success once again.”   

Taylor believes the Conference represents a fantastic opportunity for local sport organizations and businesses to network with each other and discover something valuable and applicable. “Opportunities to come together on issues we all share in making sport a better place are rare. Having this type of multisport networking and education opportunity for coaches and sport leaders is a gold mine. For anyone looking to become more engaged in the sport community, and to stay abreast of current research and best practices in athlete and coach development, I’d highly recommend attending next year!” 

PacificSport Okanagan would also like to acknowledge and extend a sincere Thank You to the following partners and all who participated in the Sport Tradeshow:

  • Aspire Health & Performance
  • City of Kelowna
  • ECM Promotions
  • Kelowna Kinesiology
  • KidSport Kelowna
  • Let’s Play
  • Okanagan College
  • Okanagan Peak Performance Strength & Conditioning
  • Orthoquest Pedorthics and Rehabilitation
  • Tourism Kelowna
  • UBC Okanagan Human Kinetics
  • ViaSport
  • Wave Physiotherapy