Athlete Resources

Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program (AAP)

Sport Canada AAP Carded athletes registered with Canadian Sport Institute/PacificSport planning to access services while visiting a Canadian Sport Institute/Centre outside of British Columbia must contact a Canadian Sport Institute Athlete Coach Services Coordinator at least two weeks in advance of their departure. Each Canadian Sport Institute/Centre location has a different service delivery process, and it is essential that the athlete follows the correct process. Athletes who do not follow the appropriate process for accessing services will be personally responsible for any expenses incurred.

Sport Canada Carded athletes should also review the Athlete Assistance Program materials. Topics of interest may include:

  • Tuition Support & Deferred Tuition
  • Special-Needs Assistance
  • Child-Care Expenses
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Retirement Assistance

Athletes Can

  • The Bell Connect program offers a special rate plan to all of Canada’s senior national team athletes. Find out more about the Bell Connect program.
  • The Team Investors Group Amateur Athlete Bursary is awarded to twenty of Canada’s top senior national team athletes each year. For out more about the Team Investors Group Amateur Athlete Bursary.

The Athlete Learning Gateway

  • Created and hosted by the IOC, the Athlete Learning Gateway is an innovative new way for elite athletes to study while training and competing. The service is available for you to use at any time, wherever you are, free of charge. Short courses feature academic lecture videos created by leading academics and professionals from the world of sport. They also include practical insights from top athletes, coaches and inspirational leaders.
  • Visit The Athlete Learning Gateway

BC Ferries Experience Program

BC Ferries and ViaSport recognize that travel is often a barrier to amateur sport teams as they seek competitive opportunities for their athletes.

To assist in removing this barrier, the BC Ferries Sport Experience Program has been developed to provide travel support to not for profit sport organizations. Eligible applicants may apply for up to $400 in ferry vouchers. Through this exciting program, BC Ferries and ViaSport will assist with ferry travel costs for eligible athletes.

Applications are accepted between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015. For eligibility criteria and application details, please visit their website.

NSF International Certified for Sport Program

NSF International is a public health and safety company whose Certified for Sport program makes it easy for athletes and coaches to identify nutritional supplements that do not contain any banned substances and are safe to take.

PacificSport Okanagan Parasport Network

Links to Okanagan-based parasport support and resources, as well as Provincial and virtual support and training.

Link here on our website: PacificSport Okanagan Parasport Network

Partner Resources

Useful athlete resources can be found through partner organizations such as:

For more information contact our Sport Performance Program Coordinator.