PacificSport Okanagan and the City of Kelowna hosted our first live event since March 2020 on Wednesday, October 20th: the Okanagan Sport Leadership Conference – “Moving Through COVID-19" at Parkinson Activity Centre. 

Our Keynote Speaker (James Brotherhood MSc.) spoke about enhancing quality sport across British Columbia and how this can inform your own local sport organization. Our breakout sessions focussed on the special consideration for COVID-19 burnout in these areas: managing load – exercise physiology (James Brotherhood MSc), nutrition (Celine Evans – Registered Dietitian), and managing mental health (Shaunna Taylor PhD. Mental Health Practitioner / Executive Director PacificSport Okanagan).  

Below, please find additional info to our "Action Card" which was distributed to delegates. We thank all attendees, presenters and sponsors for their support of this event!

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Shaunna Taylor - Executive Director PacificSport Okanagan :

Laura Doherty - Communications & Events PacificSport Okanagan :

Fighting Burnout
Mindfulness: 5 senses mindfulness exercising
Mindfulness: Loving Kindness Meditation: Several examples online, but here is a good one to start with
Building good habits: A good research summary of manipulating your environment to plant triggers, make the behaviour easier, and reward.

Sleep: Cognitive Shuffling fall asleep technique. The researcher who developed this technique has developed an app. The app is uncessesary, but the website comprehensively outlines the process and science for those who would like to learn more about the technique. 

Relevant Podcasts: The Happiness Lab, Work Life, Choicology, No stupid questions. 

For delegates looking for more information regarding quality sport:

For delegates interested in more information about the physiology presentation: 

Overtraining: a nice summary of overtraining and over reaching:
Training Load: Here is a great interview featuring Dr. Gabbett, the scientist behind the original work that has now been repeated extensively.
The UBC Sports Nutrition website is a great resource for athletes, parents and coaches looking for information to trust regarding sport performance and nutrition. There is a page on iron in the supplements section. 

Sport Dietetics and Nutrition Information

Myth busting diet culture - "Diets don't work" (for example, the latest fad diet: intermittent fasting):
Intermittent Fasting – for young athletes learning how to eat a balanced, healthy diet adequate to meet their training, physiological growth needs this type of diet is NOT recommended.

Position paper on Nutrition and Athletic Performance

Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietitians of Canada, and the American College of Sports Medicine: Nutrition and Athletic Performance (

Evidence based website for various sport nutrition related resources including resources, recipes, specific sport recommendations, supplement info etc.

Mental Health in Sport - See our dedicated web page and links to resources

For more information on Mental Health in Sport, visit our web page under "Quality Sport" where you can find a wide range of websites and free downloadable resources: 


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