The IGNITE Athlete Development Program is a multi-sport fundamental athletic skills program built to develop athletes within the Train to Train (T2T) stage of the long term athlete development (LTAD) pathway.

The program targets athletes between the ages of 12-17. IGNITE introduces young athletes to a high-performance lifestyle by improving their athleticism, physical literacy and fitness through a multi-sport training program which is complementary to their current sport-specific practice and competition schedules.

For further information, please contact Jackie Lawther at or 250-469-8855.


The IGNITE™ Athlete Development programis run at all 3 Canadian Sport Institute Campuses and at our 5 PacificSport Regional Centres. This program is strictly monitored by the Canadian Sport Institute to uphold high consistent standards in program delivery as well as testing and reporting methods.

The goal of the IGNITE™ Athlete Development program is to provide training and foundational movement skills for future elite Canadian athletes in the Train to Train stage of Canada`s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). These skills have been deemed important for long term athlete development as they provide the building blocks for future movement development and physical preparation. The curriculum is divided into three main movement streams consisting of strength training, gymnastics and sprint training.

This curriculum is laid out to provide key skills within each of the three movement streams that athletes must look to develop over the course of their participation in the IGNITE™ program. Along with these key skills, trouble shooting tips to common movement problems and variations of each skill are provided. This curriculum looks to serve as an endpoint to the athlete’s developmental process while allowing each centre to create its own path to that point.