Jacob Rubuliak

Jacob Rubuliak had to find a new gear in his creativity this past year. Like all athletes, the outcome goals he set for races and competition were cancelled or postponed, and this meant he had to think outside the box. He had achieved some performance success in the last couple of years – achievements that did not come without a lot of hard work. Known as a very humble and helpful teammate, “he's always willing to help out, a younger rider at a cyclocross event or cheer on family members who are racing …  understanding that it's not all about the events, it's about being a good human being as well.” He had three national championship titles and also set a Canadian record for an event called “Everesting” as well (Everesting is an activity in which cyclists ascend and descend a given hill multiple times, in order to have cumulatively climbed 8,848 metres (the elevation of Mount Everest).“Last year Jacob had to get pretty innovative with setting goals, too. Who would have thought, he would find this Everesting challenge that was a way for him to set a goal and stay in shape?”  

In addition to being known for his helpfulness and work ethic, Jacob also “always demonstrates that sportsmanship, like he’s there helping people out, happy to fix a bike for somebody, or he's happy to help out younger riders.” For his internal drive, creative goal-setting, and role model leadership to his fellow riders, we salute Jacob Rubuliak for being one of our Community Sport Heroes in the challenging year of 2020.